We grabbed three videos off the wall last night during the launch of the Proton Prevé. Just in case you have not read our launch report yet, click here.

In the first of three videos, which Proton calls “The Making of Proton Prevé”, shows the work that went into making the national car company’s first global car. The video also features the respective head of departments and their insights into the thought that goes into the different aspects of the car. Then the video moves on to the hopes and dreams that the citizens of Proton have for the Prevé.

The second video is the launch of the Prevé by the Prime Minister. Three colours were on stage – Genetic Silver, Fire Red and Blue Lagoon. Directly after that was the debut of the Prevé’s TV commercial.

Final video shows Jean Alesi at the wheel of the Prevé. He gives us his thoughts on how the Prevé drives – the power, the braking and the handling. Then he moves to the design of the car and how he likes its shape. Also, watch out for French tiger claws.

Thanks for watching.