The 31st running of the GTI-Treffen, the annual Volkswagen do held in Lake Wörthersee, Austria, had the usual custom car unveils, among them VW’s Golf GTI Black Dynamic and Polo R WRC Street concept.

Over at Skoda, there was the Citigo Rally design concept, which might make it into some form of series production eventually. The white car – with a black roof and additional colour accents – goes the OTT route, with massive bumpers, rear wing, a generous air intake in the front apron and forged 18-inch wheels with low-profile tyres.

The car also gets generously-sized fenders and massive door sills to help widen its girth, and a centrally-mounted exhaust end pipe dominates the car’s rear.

Inside, there’s a roll cage, and both driver and passenger get race seats, and the dashboard has been optimised for weight – the central console’s purely functional switches and buttons are strongly reminiscent of those in rally cars.

The event also saw the advent of the Skoda Citigo DJ Car. This one is a essentially a mixer on four wheels – the three-door car’s rear can be retracted from the B column on back, turning the vehicle into a mobile stage. The vehicle was certainly put to good use, with a DJ mixing and sampling his hits from it on stage.