The arrival of the new Toyota Camry is nigh, with the XV50 set to make its debut here early next month. The order books were opened last month, we’ve already seen the specs of the car in our leaked brochure post, and the car was seen on a transporter last week, so all that’s left is for the seventh-generation model to premiere.

Still, nothing like adding some final bits of colour to the canvas before the car makes its debut proper. Reader HK Chong sent in some snaps of the XV50, taken when he visited the Toyota Megaweb in Tokyo last November; the Camry had just made its domestic debut around then.

The photos are primarily of the Hybrid, which of course won’t be coming here, though the car is available in the Thai market. It’s powered by a 2.5 litre 2 AR-FXE Atkinson cycle unit, with 160 PS and 213 Nm, coupled with an electric motor producing 143 PS and 270 Nm, with combined output via the torque split device being 205 PS.

We already know what we can expect to see in the Malaysian Camry, based on the photos of the Thai-market model, so here’s a contrasting view of textures and materials with the shots of the Hybrid.

As previously mentioned, we’ll be getting three petrol variants, namely two 1AZ-FE 2.0 models, the E and G, as well as a 2AR-FE 2.5 litre version, the V. To recap, the 2.0 VVT-i mill offers 148 PS and 190 Nm, and it’ll be mated to a four-speed Super ECT slushbox. Meanwhile, the 2.5 litre Dual VVT-i with ACIS has 181 PS and 231 Nm for output figures, and it gets a six-speed Super ECT auto, replete with sequential shifter.