Toyota needs to fix the plumbing, because the brochure of the all-new Camry just got leaked to us. The brochure means only one thing – the official launch should not be too far off. Actually, it’ll come in June, to be exact.

Coincidentally, the new Camry – which is different than the US-version of the seventh-generation sedan – is on display at the ongoing Bangkok Motor Show, and Anthony managed to snap a few photos of the Thai-market car.

Based on the pix and the brochure, it confirms what Danny speculated last year, that the car first seen as an Ukrainian market version is going to be the Camry we’re getting.

From the brochure, it looks like we’ll be getting three variants – the 2.0 E, 2.0 G and the top shelf 2.5 V. In Toyota’s grand scheme of things, the E will be the base-spec car, the G will get some of V’s kit and V will be the Camry with all the bells and whistles.

The 2.0 E and 2.0 G shares the same engine – a 2.0 litre VVT-i engine that produces 148 PS at 6,000 rpm and 190 Nm at 4,000 rpm. The letdown here is that the 2.0 litre is paired with a four-speed Super ECT automatic transmission with sequential shifter. At a time when everyone else is going six-speed, why is Toyota sticking to the four-speeder? What about its CVT gearbox?

The 2.5 V, like the number in its name, gets the 2.5 litre Dual VVT-i with ACIS that generates 181 PS at 6,000 rpm and 231 Nm at 4,100. This variant gets the six-speed Super ECT automatic transmission with sequential shifter. Already, you can guess that the 2.5 V is the Camry to get.

What the previous post also proved right is the amount of wood that will be found in the interior. All variants will be decked out in wood grain interior; it is only the 2.5 V and the 2.0 G variants that will be getting chrome finishing for the air-conditioning knob, inside door lever and door scuff plate. The V and G will also get a black interior, according to the brochures – that’s interesting.

Other notable differences between the 2.0 litre and the 2.5 litre variants are the 6.1-inch touchscreen display with DVD player and reverse camera, sun shades for the rear and side windows and a push-start feature found in the latter.

You’ll find all the necessary info on the new Camry in the brochure scan below. What do you think about the car?