Toyota Camry 2.0 G X_01

UMW Toyota has released more images of the new Toyota Camry 2.0G X variant, which was revealed on its website earlier this week. The Camry 2.0G X, or the Camry X in short, is a new, more upmarket variant of Toyota’s 2.0 litre D-segment sedan, priced at RM159,900 (about RM1,000 more than the standard Camry 2.0G).

These new pictures show the model-specific dark bezel (i.e., smoked) front and tail lamps, dark silver 17-inch wheels (same design as the Camry 2.5V’s), dark brown leather upholstery and interior wood trim. Standard HID (xenon) headlights, plus powered rear blind and manual rear side window shades bring it closer to the range-topping 2.5V.

The Aerokit pictured here remains a RM2,700 option, along with Toyota Premium Security and Solar Film, which adds on another RM1,900. What is included in the package, however, is UMW’s DVD-AVN touchscreen system (with GPS, Bluetooth and reverse camera functions) that is a RM2,990 upgrade on other 2.0 litre models (RM1,800 on the 2.5V).

Mechanically, the Camry X shares the same 148 PS/190 Nm 2.0 litre engine and four-speed automatic gearbox as the 2.0G and 2.0E. Also similar to the mid-spec 2.0G is the safety equipment – so still just two airbags, as well as VSC and TRC (base 2.0E loses out on the last two safety features).