The recently-introduced Toyota Camry 2.0 G X is the set piece in this one, in which Patrick Teoh and Kuahjenhan engage in a humourous face-off over the car.

All the car’s novelties are highlighted by the two funnymen in the clip, as is its performance, which has agar-agar thrown in for good measure.

The RM159k Camry ‘X’ (which stands for ‘Exquisite Luxury’, apparently) is based on the 2.0 G variant, and features embellishments such as smoked head/tail lamps, dark silver 17-inch alloys, dark brown leather upholstery and wood trim as well as ‘Camry X’-branded front carpet mats.

It also has an optional seven-inch DVD-AVN touchscreen system with navigation fitted as standard. Also on are a powered rear blind and manual rear side window blinds, items that have previously been exclusive to the Camry 2.5 V. Which all makes the Camry 2.0 G X really “atas” and look very hip-hop…