In our report last week, it was revealed that “WWW 1” had set the record as the country’s most expensive vehicle registration number, with the bid for the plate registered at RM520,000. The price paid for it surpasses the previous record, which was RM300,100 forked out for “MCA 1” two years ago.

In total, the bids received for the series has amounted to more than RM64 million, and the entire “WWW” series is set to rake in an estimated RM11.3 million. The top 10 registrations alone were worth nearly RM2.3 million, which could bag a supercar, but surely no issue for those able to afford such items.

In all, the “WWW” series set a host of registration number records. A total of 18,243 applications were tendered for 4,908 numbers in the series during the bidding period, from April 30 to May 14. The remaining 5,091 numbers have become running numbers available to the public.

Essentially, all major value numbers, interesting and popular numbers, including the usual numbers that might have sentimental value or a specific purpose to the bidders, were all snapped up. The JPJ has released the results of the tender list on its portal, which can also be seen below. The official letters informing bidders of the bid outcome will be issued from June 6, and registration of WWW plates begin from June 15.

An interesting aside: the portal lists that the tender for the Penang “PKR” series is currently running. Wonder if that one is creating any fuss.

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