It’s no big surprise that “WWW 1” has set a new record as Malaysia’s most expensive vehicle registration number, but the all-time high bid of RM520,000 for that number plate is shocking nonetheless. Yes, someone bid RM520k for the bragging rights, as revealed by Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.

RM520k for “WWW 1” is enough to comfortably eclipse the previous record – RM300,100 for “MCA 1” in 2010. It’s not just the coveted #1 however; the “WWW” series broke all sorts of registration number records as well.

First, 13 of the successful bids were worth more than RM100,000 and three of them went for RM300,000 each. The total amount of bids received so far is more than RM64 million, and the “WWW” series is estimated to rake in RM11.3 million.

Kong revealed that of the 10,000 numbers in the series, 4,908 received bids while the remaining 5,091 will become running numbers that will be sold to the public. “The highest number of bids (in this series) goes to “WWW 333” which received 84 bids,” Kong added. Total bids? 18,243.

The full results will only be released via JPJ’s portal on Monday, and letters informing bidders of the results will be sent out from June 6.