The three-alphabet Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur number plate series is nearing an end, and those longing for a ‘WWW’ registration number have just a short wait before a bidding war starts. Besides the nice triple alphabet arrangement, ‘WWW’ also stands for the World Wide Web.

Interested parties can place their bookings with the Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory Road Transport Department (JPJ) beginning April 30. Minister of Transport Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said order books will be open for 14 days, from 8 am till noon daily till May 14, adding that huge interest could see the ‘WWW’ series record the highest booking price in the country.

He said the value of a premium number from digit 1 to 10 will open with a minimum selling price of RM10,000, while “attractive numbers” would be sold at a minimum of RM2,000. The “popular numbers” category and running numbers open at a minimum of RM300. Booking forms can be downloaded from the JPJ website.

The highest bid for a number plate so far is MCA1, which sold for RM300,100 in 2010. The Melaka reg no surpassed the previous record of RM242,000 for TAY1, issued by JPJ Terengganu. What is your dream registration number, and how much are you willing to pay to secure it?