Remember the MINI Rocketman Concept from last year? Well, the car has been given a change of dress, and the new edition is set to go on display in London during the upcoming Olympics.

The revised version of the 3+1-seater sees a play up of the brand’s British roots – the colours of the British national flag, the Union Jack, feature prominently both on the outside and inside of the car, with red and white accents accompanying the dominant dark blue, interspersed with exposed carbon components at the front end and around the doors for the body’s non-metallic paintwork.

Meanwhile, the 18-inch light-alloy wheels now have white polished areas and a metallic red accent, and matte Porcelain White paintwork finds its way on to the mirror caps, boot opener and surrounds for the radiator grille and headlights.

Elsewhere, the grille is now in a red metallic paint finish, with a contrasting white surround, and a red strip emphasises the path of the hallmark MINI diagonal link between the wheel arch and door at the foot of the A-pillar. As for the full-surface glass roof, the illuminated braces recreating the Union Jack continues on, but the borders are now in metallic red.

Inside, the Union Jack-led colour concept continues on, with white, red and blue replacing the more austere look of the original Rocketman’s interior. A new element to the dashboard – and the door panels- is with a new patterned relief structure, which depicts the name of every host city of the summer Olympic Games in the modern era using artistically intricate lettering, with London given particularly prominent billing.

Aside from this, the rocket-shaped key fob is also decked out in British national colours. And finally, the car comes with its own little men – the stowage compartment on the centre console between the driver and front passenger is supposed to symbolise a basketball court with miniature players. Don’t think they’d last very long if you kept throwing stuff in there, especially keys, but cute all the same.