Hybrids may mean eco friendliness and fuel efficiency at the lower end of the market price point, but when it comes to luxury hybrids, carmakers try to engineer them to do anything and everything.

The new Lexus GS has gotten positive reviews from the world motoring press so far in terms of it offering a much better drive feel compared to the model it replaces, and Lexus has been banking on this in all its marketing as well. The same angle is applied to the Lexus GS Hybrid – it’s not just fuel efficient, serene and eco friendly – when you want it to, it can set your heart racing as well. The 4th generation L10 GS 450h is powered by a 3.5 litre Atkinson cycle V6 mated to an electric motor, resulting in a combined power rating of 338 horsepower and 0-100km/h in 5.6 seconds.

Basically a few prospective buyers were taken in a ride around a track to see if they could keep their heart rate below 120bpm. Of course, I think if any rear wheel drive car with decent enough power is taken sideways your heart rate will go up, but the idea makes for good video footage.

Lexus Malaysia currently sells three hybrid models – the popular CT200h, the LS 600h L, and the RX 450h. The GS is available as a GS 250 and a GS 350. The GS 450h is not sold in Malaysia… yet?