Spyker NV, which has filed a lawsuit against General Motors seeking more than US$3 billion in damages on behalf of Saab Automobile, has agreed to GM’s request to extend the deadline to respond to the dispute.

According to reports, the original deadline, which was suppposed to have run out tomorrow, has now been extended to September 28.

The Dutch sports car maker is suing GM, which it bought Saab from in 2010. It is accusing the US automaker of deliberately bankrupting Saab Automobile by blocking a deal with China’s Youngman Lotus, a transaction that would have permitted Saab to restructure and remain a solvent, going concern, Spyker said. GM has of course said that the lawsuit was “without merit.”

Bankrupt Saab is set to be bought by a consortium called National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), for an undisclosed sum.