If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the craftsmanship that goes into a Bentley, well, here’s your chance to find out. The company is displaying a collection of exhibits from its home in Crewe at a showcase in Bentley Kuala Lumpur.

From leathers to the intricate level of woodwork found on the cars, it’s all to be found at the World of Bentley, which runs from tomorrow until September 12. The showcase – which arrives following a stint in Singapore before heading next to Thailand – also brings together the largest fleet of Bentley vehicles ever seen in Asia.

The mainstay exhibit is undoubtedly the Continental Supersports Convertible that broke the world ice speed record at 330.695 km/h. The actual car driven by Juha Kankunnen is on display, complete with the parachute used to slow it at the end of its record-breaking run.

Aside from the car, a veritable sampling of the finest quality wood, veneer and hides that go into a Bentley are also on call. It’s not just a static display, mind you – craftsmen from the Bentley factory at Crewe will be around and demonstrating their skills first hand at the showcase, explaining all about the materials and processes that go into the building of each and every Bentley.

Among the things that you can expect to see are a variety of leather-wrapped steering wheels, all dressed up in a number of colour combinations, and if you’re a big fan of wood, you’ll delight in the assortment of veneers on call, with walnut, cherry and oak to be found in the mix.

The explanations are detailed, and answers to questions informative, so it’s more than just a simple walkabout, the display. While the showcase is meant for its customers, it’s open to the public, though it’s best to call Bentley KL to set an appointment, since there’s a high level of interactivity.

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