So, Citroën has decided to peel away the roof of the DS3 and replace it with some cloth. OK, it is not that crude, this is a DS car after all so you can expect a lot of style, panache, chic and all other words that are associated with a café, including al fresco. I’m not making it up.

It says in the press release that the “DS3 Cabrio features the hallmarks and thrills of DS3, with bold styling, sophisticated refinement, extensive personalisation and enjoyable handling, combined with the pleasure of al-fresco driving.” An odd choice of words, methinks. But I digress.

Back to the Citroën DS3 Cabrio. It will be unveiled to the world at the Paris Motor Show 2012 and it slated to hit the roads of gay Paree early 2013. This will be the latest DS3 variant in the hatchback’s lineup that also includes DS3 Racing and DS3 Ultra Prestige.

The DS3 Cabrio will be one that oozes with personalisation and style. Firstly, one can choose one of three colours for the soft-top – black, Infinite blue and a DS Monogrammed design.

Infinite blue uses three different coloured threads, one of which is shiny and reacts differently to changes in light conditions, creating hues of blue and violet. The DS Monogramme roof is done in Jacquard grey tones with Moondust grey, which Citroën says is subtle.

Speed freaks will be pleased to know that the roof takes only 16 seconds to close completely and can be operated up to speeds of 120 km/h. There are three settings to choose from, which are intermediate, horizontal and total; the rear passengers can see the sky in the horizontal setting.

When fully opened, an aerodynamic deflector net is engaged to deflect air currents and prevent air buffeting for acoustic comfort. Citroën also says that the soft roof, when closed, has the soundproofing qualities similar to the tin hard top. Weight added by the hard-to-soft conversion is tiny, only 25 kg.

No changes to the dimensions of the car, the Cabrio retains the 3.95 m length, 1.71 m width and 1.46 m height of the DS3. The rear has received some updates with a new 3D LED light signature, which is inspired by the designs on the Citroën Revolte and Survolt concepts.

The central part of the light consists of 31 rectangular LED and semi-reflecting mirrors. Lights come on at night when the headlamps are turned on and during braking in daylight. A 15-LED blade, which acts as side and stopping lights, is placed on the upper part of the light to emphasise the 3D unit. The 3D light also feature a chrome-finished DS logo set in an embossed black DS setting.

Inside, the DS3 Cabrio becomes distinctive with its white LED ambient lighting on the ceiling-mounted console. White lights also brightens the instrument cluster and automatic air-conditioning displays. Inner-lining of the soft-top roof provides a high-end feel as well as acoustic comfort.

The upholstery is also all new, including Granit blue leather and Akinen weft in Mistral (dark grey). Chic brown and Infinite blue make up the other two choices. Dashboard strip, air vents surrounds and gear stick knob decors are colour coded to body paint and soft-top. The decors are available in grey, Brilliant black, white, Carbotech, Infinite blue and Moondust grey.

Although five adults can sit inside the small car, Citroën have also managed to shoehorn a 245-litre boot, which the French carmaker says is the largest in its class.. The tailgate also features an innovative opening mechanism. It uses a circular motion that allows full access even in the tightest spaces.

We’ll have more information when the DS3 Cabrio will be fully revealed late September.