Challenging on all fronts, that’s how it’s looking to shape up for the new Mazda6. The next-gen sedan form of the type made its debut in Moscow, and the estate variant is set for a Paris premiere later this month.

Now, a coupé form is looking to be a probability, aimed at taking the fight to the likes of Honda’s new Accord Coupe. Autocar reported recently that Mazda’s chief designer, Akira Tamatani, said that a four-seater coupé was under consideration. “There is no decision, but I would love to make one,” Tamatani was quoted as telling the publication.

The word on the grapevine suggests that the coupé, when it does appear, will debut sometime in 2014, about a year after the sedan and estate make their market debut.

Theophilus Chin’s renderings as seen here suggest how the Mazda6 coupé could well shape up. He has shortened the sedan’s rear overhang, reduced the height of the car and given the front a smaller grill, as well as moved the rear number plate housing to the bumper.