This is the Citroën Electric Berlingo and if it looks very familiar to you, that’s because the Peugeot Partner Electric shares many similar parts. Both are based on the same platform after all.

Anyway, the Electric Berlingo (or EB for short) uses a two-part battery pack installed under the floor to make the cargo area flat. The battery pack has a capacity of 22.5 kWh that gives a 170 km range to the EB. As with any other electric vehicle, it can be charged in two ways – the slow six to twelve hours for full and the 30-minute quick-charge.

The motor was conjured with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation; their partnership started with the C-Zero. Maximum power output is rated at 67 hp and 200 Nm torque. A single-ratio gearbox transmits power to the front wheels.

The EB gets a fair amount of kit. It has electric heating (with an eco-mode that limits energy consumption), hill start assist coupled to the ESP system and an eco-driving information that displays all you need to know about the energy consumption of the car.

The electric van will come in two body options, a 4.30 m and a 4.63 m. The cargo area has a maximum volume of 4.1 cubic metres and has a maximum payload of 675 kg; which Citroën says is identical to the other Berlingos.

The EB is not launched officially yet; the event will happen in the first half of 2013. The Electric Berlingo will be unveiled at the 2012 Hanover Motor Show, which mainly features commercial vehicles.