This is the newest member of Hyundai’s ‘New Generation’ i30 family – which already consists of the five-door hatchback and Tourer estate – and, dare we say, the sportiest-looking, for it has the least number of doors.

If you’re one of our regular readers, you may be trying to recall where you’ve seen this before lately. Yes, the Kia cee’d and Hyundai i30 share the same platform, so it follows that the Kia pro_cee’d and the three-door i30 are practically blood brothers – both will make their first world appearance at the upcoming Paris motor show.

The three-door i30 is offered with a choice of four engines and five power outputs. Six-speed manual and automatic gearboxes are available. According to the Korean company, the U-II 1.6 litre diesel delivers the best ratio of power to efficiency in the segment – 128 PS and only 97 grams per km of CO2.

The exterior gets some brief updates all round, most noticeable of which are the daytime-running LEDs and exclusive 16-inch alloys.

Hyundai says the three-door i30 is “designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe, for Europe.” The car is built in the Czech Republic, and R&D is done in Germany. Suspension setup is specific to the Continent, and a FLEX STEER feature allows drivers to control the amount of steering assistance.

As always, more details when the wraps officially come off!