UMW Lubricant International (ULI), the official distributor for Repsol lubricants, recently unveiled the latest Repsol motorcycle oil products. No better time than MotoGP time, since Repsol is one of the most famous names in the top motorcycle racing series.

The new line is locally-blended with the same technology and formulation from Spain, but ULI says that the lubes are produced and packed for the local market to adapt and perform better in local conditions.

The Repsol Moto 4T Formula SAE 40 is for four-stroke motorcycles that require good lubrication in all riding conditions. Recommended for use in air and water cooled four-stroke engines and two-stroke motorcycle gearboxes, it provides good protection to extend engine life.

Repsol is one of the world’s top ten private oil companies in terms of size, and the brand was launched in Malaysia exactly a year ago. Click here and here to read more.