It’s official – it was earlier reported that DRB-Hicom was set to announce a Japanese strategic partner for Proton today evening. That deal has now been finalised, and our guess as to which automaker of the four bandied about was correct.

There was no press statement regarding the matter, but in a company announcement to Bursa Malaysia, DRB-Hicom said that Proton Holdings has entered into a collaboration agreement with Honda Motor Co. The deal was signed earlier today in Japan.

Under the agreement, Proton and Honda will explore collaboration opportunities in the areas of technology enhancement, new product line up, platform and facilities’ sharing, the statement said.

It added that the agreement signifies the potential of a long-term strategic collaboration between the two parties, and DRB-Hicom stated that having Honda as the foreign strategic partner will provide Proton and the DRB-Hicom Group with the opportunity to grow as an original equipment manufacturer.

No details of the collaboration were announced, but expect more details to emerge when DRB-Hicom reveals its business plan for Proton next month.