We’re back from Sardinia, where the drive presentation of the seventh-gen Volkswagen Golf was held. There’s plenty of jet lag to be had following a rather relentless flight schedule (eight, in four days), so do be patient for our take on the Mk7, which we drove in both TSI and TDI forms.

Ahead of that, here’s a series of short videos captured during the drive – these include a brief video presentation highlighting what’s new in this one, as well as a 360 walkaround of the exterior (you’ll pardon the bit of shake – wasn’t easy going on the sand!).

There’s also a short clip on the car’s rear tow hook and its novel operation, and to round it off, a sampling of the new touchscreen infotainment system, which will be fitted as standard on all Golfs. It’s easily the best factory-fitted touchscreen I’ve come across in terms of operation and use.

Touchscreen media system

Video presentation

Exterior walkaround

Rear tow hook operation