Ah, China. A unique market that’s big enough for plenty of car manufacturers to develop China-specific products, tuned exactly to the requirements and price points that would work there. One such product is the Volkswagen Santana, which was based on the 2nd genreration Passat and has sold nearly 4 million units. 20 years later, the Santana name finally gets it’s second generation in China.

The new Volkswagen Santana has a 2,603mm wheelbase and the notchback boot will hold 480 litres of cargo. And like most China spec cars, it has an electric sliding sunroof. Other features include ABS, front side and head airbags, ESC stability control, and leather upholstery. Three trim-lines are available – Trendline, Comfortline and Highline.

There’s no TSI to be found here, given the low price point of the car. My guess is that DSG is probably missing too, though the press release doesn’t exactly specify that. Under the engine hood is the modern aluminium 4 cylinder EA211 petrol engine, with a normally aspirated 1.4 litre doing 90 PS and a 1.6 litre doing 110 PS.