The big cat sharpens its claws and heads for the other side of the Atlantic. As if the Jaguar XFR‘s 500 hp wasn’t hot enough, into the scene steps the XFR-S, which the Coventry firm proclaims is its fastest and most powerful saloon car to date.

The car is set to be shown to the world for the first time at the Los Angeles International Auto Show next week from November 28.

Reports say the super saloon is expected to inherit its drivetrain from the XKR-S, and so will have a supercharged 5.0 litre Gen III AJ-V8 producing 550 hp and 680 Nm of torque. However, unlike the all-aluminium sports car, the XFR-S will be made out of steel.

Despite the extra kilos though, likely performance figures are a 0-100 km/h time of well under five seconds and an ungoverned max speed in excess of 290 km/h.

The F-Type and 2013 Range Rover will also be there at the LA show, both making their Stateside show debut. The former will be displayed in Black Pack trim for the first time – this exterior package sees the car’s grille and surround, side power vent surround and mesh finished in gloss black.

The US will be the world’s largest market for these three models. The Range Rover goes on sale there next month, and the F-Type next summer.