That’s all folks – the last of the limited 500-unit run of the Lexus LFA supercar has rolled off the production line, and the books have closed on this one.

The 500th unit was a white LFA, which was completed on December 14 at the Motomachi plant in Japan; it’ll be delivered to the owner after testing. The Motomachi plant builds LFAs at a rate of one per day, with 170 workers involved in the project.

lfa 500th

There’s no doubt TMC/Lexus have learned a lot in the process of designing and building this car. We look forward to some of its technologies trickling down to its other models.

Driving (or even being in the passenger seat is fine!) a Lexus LFA and listening to that 4.8 litre V10 howling up to the redline repeatedly is still something on my bucket list… haven’t yet figured out how to achieve that!