Corvette C7 Drawings-02

We know that the seventh-generation Corvette will debut at the 2013 Detroit show next month, but have no idea what the C7 will look like. Till now, because a set of leaked drawings of the new ‘Vette recently emerged at the Corvette Forum and is now circulating online.

The drawings look similar to those found in an owner’s manual, where the manufacturer tells you which button does what. We get to see the C7’s driver focused dashboard, instrument panel, bucket seats, some switches, the engine bay and the exterior.

For the latter, there’s a side profile sketch and a view of the back, which now looks a little Camaro-ish to this writer. If this is it, I much prefer the C6‘s sawed-off rump with those trademark four round lamps.

The sketches also reveal a Track Overlay function that shows where are you on the track, while monitoring speed, brake/throttle level, current gear, G force, steering angle and lap time. There’s also a Performance Traction Management graph. Full info in less than three weeks from now.