These leaked low-res photos offer us a first look at the new Infiniti Q50 sedan. The Q50 name is part of Infiniti’s new naming scheme, and this 3-Series/C-Class/IS fighter segment’s contender used to be known as the G Sedan, while the G Coupe will be known as the Q60.

It’s immediately recognisable as an Infiniti, and shares a similiar front end to the rest of the Infiniti range including the larger M Sedan (which is sold in Malaysia by Tan Chong with M25, M37 and hybrid M35h variants). The C-pillar gets an interesting treatment, something alot of car makers seem to be experimenting with lately – we saw a funky C-pillar on the Lexus GS too.

Full details and pix of the new Q50 will be revealed at Detroit 2013. In the meanwhile, you can also also watch a video teaser of the Q50’s headlamps.