Volkswagen Malaysia has reported strong growth in deliveries, with the total number of units sold in 2012 crossing the 13,000 mark, recording a 77% increase compared to corresponding period in 2011. This follows healthy growth recorded in 2011 with 7,350 units sold.

That translates to an estimated market share of 2.4% of Total Industry Volume (TIV), making VW the sixth best selling marque in Malaysia and the top selling European brand.

“Volkswagen has extended its string of unbroken successes in 2012. We are making steady progress on our aim to be one of the leading car brands in the automotive industry in Malaysia”, said Dr Zeno Kerschbaumber, the newly appointed MD of Volkswagen Group Malaysia replacing Ricky Tay.


“Besides achieving our sales target, the year has been active for us as we introduced several new models in significant market segments, increased our dealer network, saw the introduction of the first locally-assembled Volkswagen model, the Passat, all of which has created customer confidence and consideration for the brand,” he added.

It was a busy year for VW Malaysia, with the launch of 11 new models and variants, including the Beetle, Touareg TDI, Touareg Hybrid, Polo Sedan, CKD Passat, Sharan, CC and the R Cars.

On the network front, VW increased the number of dealerships to 22 from 12 in 2011. The brand also launched “Think Blue”, a global platform unifying all activities and initiatives on environmental responsibility, fuel consumption and emissions.

vw ttdi

For 2013, Dr Kerschbaumer is convinced that Volkswagen has what it takes to outperform its competitors. “By offering Malaysians world class service, the assurance of German engineering, and choices that suit their varied lifestyle needs, we have surely touched a chord. This will take us a long way in increasing and achieving our long term sales target in the Malaysian market,” he said.