Car manufacturers aren’t the only ones blowing millions of their marketing budget on some screen time during America’s biggest television event of the year, Super Bowl XLVII (check out the car-related TVCs here). It’s high time for big time movie promoters to showcase their upcoming releases too, and us motor heads received a bonus treat with the first showing of the official Fast & Furious 6 movie trailer.

From the looks of it, long-standing franchise director Justin Lin obviously does not grasp the meaning of “bigger isn’t always better”. This 60-second spot features more explosive action than a few Transformers movies combined. Take that, Michael Bay!

From larger than life car chases to the team crashing down a moving plane only to allow Vin Diesel to emerge from the burning wreckage in a glorious fireball, the movie seems to bend the laws of physics even further than ever before. And if you remember the previous movies in any detail, you’d recall that Lin has bent the rules so far to have Sir Isaac Newton perpetually spinning in his grave.

Fast & Furious 6 opens in the US of A on May 24. Expect the local release to be within the same week or so.