Remember our earlier report on indie singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey’s brand association with the Jaguar F-Type? Well, we now have another result of that link-up: a music video for the 26 year-old’s Burning Desire number, featuring… you guessed it. In a striking shade of red, too.

Like the F-Type, the music video is somewhat a blend of old and new. “I drive fast, wind in my hair, push it to the limits cause I just don’t care,” croons Del Rey to footage of the Jaguar working its way through winding mountain roads.

Filmed at London’s Rivoli Ballroom, the music video previews the film ‘Desire’ (produced by Jaguar in collaboration with Ridley Scott Associates), which is set for release this spring.

In the film, Damian Lewis plays Clark, a guy who delivers cars for a living and who gets into trouble after an encounter with a mysterious young woman, played by Shannyn Sossamon, in the middle of a desert.