adam rocks 1

Opel’s Adam city car is set to go the crossover route in Geneva, with a bit of open-air capability thrown in. The design of the three-door, 3.67 metre-long urban mini-crossover study derives its inspiration from parkour athletes, so it goes.

The Adam Rocks features a higher and wider stance than the standard Adam. Also on, a prominent grille structure and LED headlamps, boomerang-shaped turn indicators and over-the-top bling 18-inch wheels, as suggested by the sketches.

The car gets its cabrio looks with a fabric roof that extends across the entire width of the roof, right back to the C-pillars. There’s even ‘rain-sensing’ operation – a special weather app, displayed on the car’s IntelliLink driver-information-center touchscreen, automatically initiates closing of the roof if inclement weather is expected.

With the proposed Adam EV electric version having been canned, one wonders whether the crossover study will go places, or beyond the concept stage.