Efficiency is all the rage nowadays but the need for speed has never wavered among car buyers. French automaker Peugeot will be offering the best of both worlds with its latest technological concept, the 208 Hybrid FE Concept. FE stands for ‘Fun and Efficient’ by the way.

Developed with Total, the breakthrough project offers a 0 – 100 km/h time of 8.0 seconds and very low CO2 emissions of just 49 grammes per kilometre. It benefits from innovations in aerodynamics, weight-saving and drivetrains.

The concept is based on a standard 208 1.0 litre VTi 68 hp. The aerodynamics will be altered to minimise drag and achieve a significantly lower co-efficient of drag (Cd), paired with special tyres and wheels to reduce rolling resistance too.

It will be 200 kg lighter, thanks to extensive use of lightweight composite materials and polycarbonates for the body panels, windows as well as the passenger compartment. With less weight, it goes quicker and uses less fuel.

Giving motive power is a 3-cylinder petrol engine and an EGC (Electronic Gearbox Control) gearbox paired with an electric motor and battery taken directly from Peugeot’s endurance programmes. The engine will be heavily modified too, with a different combustion cycle and reduced friction and weight.

Various stages of the work done on the 208 Hybrid FE Concept will be unveiled at Peugeot’s Geneva motor show stand, alongside the 208 XY pictured here.