Rolls-Royce has released the fifth and final teaser image of its upcoming Wraith coupe, further confirming its striking fastback profile. The long and arduous strip-tease have come a full circle, the latest drawing echoing the first shadowy silhouette shown more than a month ago.

Then came the second teaser, showing nothing more than a glimpse of the Wraith’s muscular rear haunches and twin exhaust exits. Just last week we got a quick gander at the luxurious interior – from two photos of the lush timber door panel and intricately detailed dash-mounted clock.

This final teaser is the last look we’ll get before the upcoming Ghost coupe’s launch in Geneva. It consists of three simple lines that make up the Wraith’s characteristic long bonnet, sloping rear profile and front-opening suicide doors.

In the words of Giles Taylor, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Design Director: “The purposeful fastback profile is the Wraith’s defining element. In my view the most successful designs always come down to three or four lines.”