peugeot 208-spy-03 2

Well, looks like another French Lion is about to enter the scene – reader ApexKit spotted a couple of Peugeot 208 examples at JPJ Putrajaya, and it looks like both three-door and five-door versions of the B-segment hatch will be sold here.

The 208, which made its official debut in Geneva last year, is expected to be launched here sometime in April. It’s slightly shorter and lower than the outgoing 207 hatch, but has a larger cabin with more room in the rear seats. It’s also lighter than the older car, up to 173 kg less.

In overseas markets, it’s available with a spread of petrol engine choices overseas, ranging from 68 hp 1.0 VTi and 82 hp 1.2 VTi three-cylinder VVT units to the more familiar 120 hp 1.6 VTi and THP 156 1.6 turbo mills. Wonder what the ones here will wear.

The three-door seen here looks pretty sharp, don’t you think? From some of the design elements seen (chrome bits on mirror casings, fog lamps and window trim), this could well be a 208 XY. Guess we’ll find out when the time comes.