Italdesign Parcour-10

You know parcour, the sport, or rather activity, that sees young people move freestyle across urban obstacles? That’s the inspiration behind the bizarre Italdesign Parcour Concept, which looks like a supercar on stilts.

“Parcour was devised as a new way of living and experiencing a metropolitan route creatively. Parcour enthusiasts, who are referred to as traceurs or plotters, adapt their body to the surrounding environment pursuing, through their movements, not just spectacle but instead mainly maximum efficiency,” explains Italdesign boss Fabrizio Giugiaro.

“The purpose of parcour is to move around as efficiently as possible. By efficiently I mean: simply, quickly and safely, which are characteristic features of our car,” he adds.

Italdesign Parcour-01

The Parcour driver can choose from four different settings, one designed for comfortable driving, one for off-road driving, one for winter conditions and, lastly, one for high-speed driving on a race track. The electronic system is triggered to modify the ride, the height above the ground and the engine setup.

The Parcour concept is a two-seater with four-wheel drive, fitted with a 550 hp Lamborghini 5.2 litre V10 mounted behind the seats. There’s also a roadster version of the concept, which is the white car in the pics.

Is there a market for such a car? Italdesign, which is celebrating 45 years in business this year, will be hoping that a car company thinks there is, and bites at this idea. Here’s a proposal from 2010 that you might remember!