subaru viziv 08

It’s called the Subaru VIZIV Concept, and the Geneva debutant is supposed to preview the brand’s future design direction. The 4.32 metre-long hybrid crossover study gets its name from a coined word inspired by the phrase “Vision for Innovation,” no less.

The two-door four-seater is powered by a Hybrid SI-Drive system featuring a 2.0 litre boxer diesel engine, high-torque-compatible Lineartronic (CVT) transmission and a front motor to provide both vehicle drive and power generation, as well as two independent rear motors for vehicle drive only.

Among the pluses of the independent-rear-motor-driven symmetrical AWD system is the ability to provide more torque to the outside rear wheel and less to the inside rear wheel when cornering to generate inner-directed yaw momentum on the vehicle, affording the VIZIV better cornering performance.

subaru viziv 11

The powertrain selects the best time to use each power unit according to its strengths and the driving application – the motors start and drive the vehicle during low-speed or city driving, while the diesel engine and high-efficiency Lineartronic take over on the highway.

Interior highlights include an instrument panel layout designed primarily for ease of driver operation and vehicle control, and everyone gets in on the fun too – custom information displays in front of the front passenger seat and in the rear seating area let passengers share the thrill of being in the driver’s seat.

Also featured in the crossover, which is dressed up in a Mistral Silver metallic shade and 20-inch wheels, is the company’s EyeSight driving assist system.