VW e-Co Motion-02

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brought an electric van to Geneva 2013. Called Volkswagen e-Co Motion Concept, this white van is an emissions-free delivery solution for today’s congested and clogged cities.

A delivery van operates in tight surroundings, so the electric drive unit is mounted to the rear axle together with a single-speed planetary gearbox to achieve large wheel turning angles. As a result, the turning circle of the Volkswagen e-Co Motion is 8.95 metres, which is unique in the class.

The motor’s max power is 115 PS, and 270 Nm of torque enables good acceleration even when loaded. A three-stage modular battery concept fulfils different driving range requirements – a 20 kWh pack is good for around 100 km, while a battery with 30 kWh allows for a 150 km range. The most powerful 40 kWh unit will power the Volkswagen e-Co Motion for over 200 km.

Also, the battery box’s crossmembers and rib structure serve a secondary purpose as a load-bearing body element that also helps to reduce vehicle weight. In the EV future, you won’t hear them coming, even the ubiquitous white van.