In conjunction with hitting the 30,000 cars for sale mark, we’ve updated our car classifieds website with some new features to give you a better user experience.

Here are some of the enhancements that we have made:

Ultra fast page loading


Page loads are now powered by an ultra fast page load technology called AJAX that powers some of the most popular web interfaces on the internet such as Gmail.

Try browsing browsing search results page by page and you’ll notice that new listings are loaded instantly into the interface without having to reload the webpage.

New search results design – Table View


After conducting some surveys, we found that different people had different preferences on how they wanted to browse through their search results. So other than the original ‘List View’, we’ve added two new search result designs.

This is the Table View, which presents a more condensed view of your search results. We’ve put all the more important details on the left half of the screen so it’s easier for your eyes to scan through the available cars for sale.

Thanks to our new page load technology, the view changes instantly and will always remember which view you last used and present to you that preferred view again.

New search results design – Grid View


This design is called the ‘Grid View’. If you’re browsing on an iPad, you might like using this view to give you the feel of browsing through a classifieds magazine.

The images loaded are bigger in this view, so you can have a better view of the car in the search results before you click to view more details.

Revamped layout for mobile website


We first launched the mobile version of in August 2012. We now have a new version of the mobile site, which features some enhancements. We’ve done away with the floating dock at the bottom to allow you to view more of the search results and listing details.

The options that were previously in the bottom dock can now be accessed by tapping the Menu option on the top right of the screen. The listing results pages have also had a minor redesign to fit more listings on one page.

That’s it for now. What do you think of the new features? Which is your favourite search results design – Table, Grid, or the original List view?

Let us know your feedback, and don’t forget to list your car on if you have one for sale. You will get plenty of exposure as all cars on will appear in the For Sale sidebar on Paul Tan’s Automotive News whenever a relevant story appears.

Visit now to look for your next car or sell a car.