Golf Mk7 GTI ABT 1

The Volkswagen Golf Mk7 GTI hasn’t quite hit the showrooms yet, but already there are plans to spice things up beyond that offered by the regular form. Tuning house ABT Sportsline, for one, has drafted out what it thinks a Mk7 GTI should really be.

Power is the first thing to go up – the stock Golf GTI comes in two stages of output tune, these being 220 hp and 230 hp. Working on the Stage 1 base form car, the ABT Golf Mk7 GTI will develop 270 hp off the EA 288 2.0 TSI lump. It doesn’t end there, because ABT is working on a second and more potent stage of expansion, which should see the power go up to as high as 310 hp.

Golf Mk7 GTI ABT 2

Plans are also afoot to develop an uprated power variant based on the 230 hp stock Stage 2 version of the hatch, which premiered in Geneva. You can expect an even higher set of numbers in this case.

Looks-wise, the ABT Golf Mk7 GTI will come dressed in white, dressed with red and black cues. An ABT aerodynamic kit gets slapped on, and this is made up of a front spoiler and grille, side skirts, headlight covers, a rear skirt insert, a trunk lid attachment and mirror caps. Also featured is a four-pipe exhaust system as well as a set of lowering suspension springs. Rounding things off are a choice of DR and ER-C design alloys in either 18- or 19-inch size options.