Over in Australia, Mazda has initiated a safety-related recall programme for 1,531 units of its Mazda6 to rectify a potential quality issue with the vehicle’s electrical system.

The recall will eliminate a potential fault with a component in the DC/DC convertor that is located under the front passenger seat. The DC/DC converter is part of the car’s i-ELOOP brake energy recuperation system, which uses a capacitor to power the vehicle’s electrical components.

The company says that the fault may cause overheating of the unit and in a worst case scenario, a fire may result. Rectification of the issue will see the DC/ DC convertor replaced free of charge.

mazda i-eloop

The i-ELOOP system features a new 12-25V variable voltage alternator, a low-resistance electric double layer capacitor and the aforementioned DC/DC converter. Through kinectic energy from deceleration, the variable voltage alternator generates electricity at up to 25V for maximum efficiency before sending it to the Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) for storage.

The DC/DC converter then steps down the electricity from 25V to 12V before it is distributed directly to the vehicle’s electrical components. The system also charges the vehicle battery as necessary.

A total of approximately 15,000 Mazda6s globally are subject to the recall, including the Australian examples. The car was officially launched in Malaysia last week; there’s no word of the recall here.