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Last week Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) organised the Lightfoot Quest 2013 fuel efficiency competition which saw 33 Nissan Almeras (1.5 automatic) taking part. The Lightfoot Quest might be familiar to some of you as ETCM has organised the event before, now specifically for owners of the Almera which was launched not too long ago.

This time around, all participants took part in a drive which started off at the Holiday Inn Glenmarie resort. Prior to the event, all participating vehicles were fuelled to the brim and verified by the event marshals before being put under parc ferme conditions a day earlier. Participants we also briefed on how to drive economically including having a short warm up time for the engine, smooth use of the throttle, avoiding traffic jams using applications such as Waze and so on.

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Following the flag-off, participants had to rely on directional tulips that were provided and drive as economically as possible to a fuel station in Gopeng, Perak about 180 kilometers away. When there is a competition, there are always rules to play by and this event is no exception. Participants had to reach the destination within 2.5 hours. Reaching within 15 minutes after the 2.5 hour mark will get you penalties while crossing the finish line after 2 hours and 45 minutes will mean automatic disqualification.

Furthermore, all participating vehicles were fitted with special stickers at areas including the engine hood and the fuel flap to prevent from further tampering. The A/C controls were also in the list, after adjustments made by the marshals to ensure all vehicles had similar A/C settings. At the destination, the refuelling was carried out by the marshals this was observed by a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to ensure all steps were taken properly.

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Following the half day affair, a total of 6 winners were selected, all based on the highest kilometre per litre (km/l) reading achieved. First place went to Chen Khong Lung and Lai Lih Mey with a score of 27.2km/l while second place went to Rebecca Tan Cheng Ann and Lee Beng Tan for scoring 22.8km/l. Muhammad Izzuddin Ilias and Mohd Faisal Kamarudin finished in the final podium position with 22.4km/l.

There was also a media category, won by Khong Yin Swan and Ian Khong with a figure of 33.6km/l, the highest through out the event for the Nissan Almera. Durraini Sharom and Albakry Salehuddin settled with 32.6km/l to finish second while third place went to Chin Shong Chian and Sean Chua with their 23.5km/l reading. Prizes included RM5000 of cold hard cash for first place, RM3000 for first runner up and RM2000 for second runner up.