Mazda6 sedan

Here’s the local update on the safety-related recall programme initiated earlier this week for the Mazda6. The recall seeks to rectify a potential quality issue with the vehicle’s electrical system, in which a potential fault with a component in the DC/DC convertor in the i-ELOOP brake energy recuperation system may cause overheating of the unit, and in a worst case scenario, result in a fire.

A total of approximately 15,000 units are being recalled globally, including 1,531 in Australia. For Malaysia, the number of affected vehicles is 40. Bermaz said today that only cars fitted with the i-ELOOP are being recalled, so only the 2.5 litre variants are involved.

mazda i-eloop

The company said that it will take just 20 minutes to rectify the problem, which is to replace the DC/DC module located under the front passenger seat, and that all affected cars would have the part replaced by next week.

It added that 2.5 litre vehicle deliveries have been halted until rectification work is complete, and that customers have been informed about the delay in delivery. The Mazda6 made its official debut in Malaysia last week.