ssangyong liv-1 01a

Over in Seoul, another debutant comes in the form of the SsangYong LIV-1 concept. The Limitless Interface Vehicle, as it’s known as in full, is a large 4.87 metre-long SUV study following on the XIV (eXciting User-Interface Vehicle) series and SIV-1 (Smart Interface Vehicle) shown in Geneva earlier this month, and gives an indication to the brand’s design direction.

The four-wheel drive LIV-1 features a sizeable body with large front and rear bumpers, as well as a very high beltline, and with a low header the overall silhouette is rather chunky. A full-length glass roof improves space perception in the cabin, and since it’s a big boy, an automated sidestep is included for safety and convenience.

The automaker says that the design concept for the interior is very much lounge-like. Material trim includes high gloss piano black on the centre fascia and contrasting aluminium detailing.

ssangyong liv-1 02a

It’s loaded with tech, the LIV-1. The car’s driver-vehicle communication interface is based on the 3S-Cube, the core of SsangYong’s future technology that combines the elements of Smart Link, Safe Way and Special Sense.

Smart Link is a roof-and-glass system that removes frost quickly via remote control for safe winter driving, while Safe Way ensures safe driving by actively preventing collisions in blind spots and at intersections. As for Special Sense, this one allows the driver to control the sound, seats and interior lighting to create a bespoke personal driving space.

User-vehicle interaction takes place through five touch-panel displays, including a 10-inch monitor in the centre fascia and a seven-inch monitor in the headrests.