The BMW 328d is not a new variant in the F30 range developed specially for the US market, but is in fact the BMW 320d ‘renamed’ specially for the US market. There could be many reasons for this. At first we thought perhaps the ’20’ engine range is foreign to the US market in this segment, since most cars there in this segment begin with a 2.5 litre engine and upwards from there, but we checked BMW USA’s website and found the 320i for sale. So why rename the 320d to 328d for the USA?

My bet is on pricing issues – pricing hasn’t been announced yet but it could be that BMW wants to price the US market 328d closer to the 328i compared to the 320i, instead of how it is in Malaysia, where the 320i and 320d are priced pretty close together. Or it could also be an image or perception thing, who knows?

The stats are the same – 180 hp and 380 Nm of torque, available from just 1,750 rpm, mated to an eight-speed transmission. You’ll find a picture of the diesel fuel cap in the gallery below – the blue cap next to it is for AdBlue, a urea solution which is used in the exhaust system to improve emissions.