lotus evora 01

There’s a chrome-clad Lotus Evora on display at The Pavilion, and it’ll be on show there until April 7. What’s special about this one then? Well, the car is part of a fleet of Evoras seen in the movie The Host, which kicks off in local cinemas today.

In the film, the Evoras – dressed in a chrome vinyl wrap and fitted with special-effect lighting – are driven by the ‘baddies’ of the piece. Lotus agreed in late 2011 to provide a number of Evoras to the project, directed by its screenwriter Andrew Niccol, who was looking for an extraordinary car for the role. The Evora was apparently chosen for its stunning and futuristic aesthetic.

The Evora’s appearance on the big screen continues in the footsteps of the Esprit, which was a bit of a celluloid star for the brand. The S1 started the ball rolling with its unforgettable submersible act in The Spy Who Loved Me, and the Esprit Turbo followed in For Your Eyes Only.

The fourth-gen Esprit then made a name for itself and the brand, “cornering like it’s on rails” with Julia Roberts at the wheel in Pretty Woman, and the Peter Stevens redesign was also seen in movies such as Basic Instinct and The Rookie. So, as far as outings go, Project Eagle may think things are shiny, but it has a fair bit of ground to cover before it catches up, movie count-wise.