It’s not often that we feature promo videos on this site, as only the more interesting and less-self-aggrandising ones are allowed in. The latest effort by Peugeot Italia, which pits the facelifted Peugeot RCZ against a mountain bike down a snowy hill – we know, we know, a very original idea – is deemed worthy for our readers. Just.

The highly stylised RCZ gets a fittingly artful video adaptation, with a matching wicked soundtrack by Tommy Bass to boot. Be warned though, you might want to mute it if you’re in the anti-dubstep camp.

Driven by five-time Italian Rally champion Paolo Andreucci, the Peugeot RCZ slips and slides down the snowy hill with fellow Italian downhill bike racing ace Lorenzo Suding close in tow. Cue a few handbrake turns and Suding finds himself jumping over the car for the quickest line down. Oh so cliché but it makes a good viewing.

Watch the video to find out who wins. Just kidding, of course the RCZ triumphs. Why would anyone expect otherwise?