This is the BMW Concept X4, which BMW will be showcasing at Auto Shanghai 2013 this month. We’ve featured it last week, but you’re not seeing a duplicate post here.

We’ve been invited to host BMW’s Auto Shanghai 2013 video, which will feature the BMW Concept X4. Yes, our man Harvinder Singh will be braving avian flu scares to fly there this month to interview BMW personnel about BMW Concept X4. The video will be shown online on BMW TV as well as their YouTube and Facebook channels.

What we’d like to get from you – our dear readers – is a list of questions about the BMW Concept X4. What would you like to know about the BMW Concept X4? Please ask anything you like, and we’ll get the best questions answered for you on the show floor. I’m sure there’ll be some pretty controversial ones, considering some people are still not used to the idea of an SUV-Coupe hybrid!

Click here to view the BMW Concept X4 from every angle. Leave your questions in the comments page, and thank you for your participation in advance :)