The much talked-about new Honda NSX is still two full years away and we haven’t even seen the real thing yet (that’s the concept up there), let alone know its final prices when it hits showrooms in 2015. All these inconsequential issues didn’t stop over 20 British customers from placing deposits on the new car though.

With this unprecedented demand, Honda UK has opened a pre-order bank for the hotly anticipated supercar. The price to put your name on the list of future NSX owners? A meagre £5,000 deposit at any Honda UK dealership. Do it fast enough, and you’ll be among the first in the Kingdom to get behind the wheel of the NSX with its SH-AWD and VTEC V6 engine.

This isn’t a new practice for Honda UK regarding the NSX, as it has done the same with the original Honda supercar too. Back then, 25 pre-orders were taken a year ahead of launch in 1990. Unfortunately, that wasn’t a precursor for sales success as out of the 18,000 units sold globally, only 290 NSXs were sold in the UK within its 15-year lifespan.

Still, things are looking great for the Honda NSX in the UK, with many early admirers already putting money where their mouths are. Now if only we can know how many of them are genuine buyers and not market speculators hoping for early mark-ups.