This is one of Honda’s various Auto Shanghai 2013 debutants and it’s called the Honda Crider, a C-segment car that’s supposed to slot in between the Civic and the Accord. The name Crider is supposed to be a combination of the words Criteria and Dream.

It’s the production car evolution of the Honda Concept C from Beijing 2013, and it will go on sale in Guangqi Honda showrooms from June 2013.

Likely built on some version of Honda’s C-segment Civic platform, Honda says the image of a dragon was the inspiration for this car, and that it features top-class vehicle size. It’s a car built and designed by Honda’s Chinese associates so it’s unlikely to see it launched anywhere out of it’s home market.

The Honda Crider measures 4.65 metres long, 1.75 metres wide and almost 1.51 metres tall. The motorshow car features a 1.8 litre i-VTEC engine mated to a five-speed auto, but word is that Honda’s 2.0 litre will also be available.