Another advertising campaign for the 2013 Honda Civic in the US, making it a hattrick in the span of 20 months since the compact car’s abrupt re-design, in an attempt to regain momentum, reports Automotive News.

This one works on the adage that “Things Can Always Be Better,” reinforcing the company’s commitment to constantly improve – “At Honda, we know some people are never happy with the way things are,” it begins.

American Honda head of national marketing Mike Accavitti told Automotive News that with this new ad campaign, the updated Civic is “poised to beat customers’ expectations.”

The first campaign, “To Each Their Own,” was launched in April 2011 for the launch of the 2012 model but it didn’t quite take off. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami of a month earlier didn’t help things either, according to Automotive News. Honda relaunched the Civic in late 2011 with another new campaign, but this time the car itself was met with criticism.


Top: 2013 Civic USDM facelift, bottom left: Honda Civic USDM pre-facelift, bottom right: Malaysian Civic

In response, Honda quickly updated the Civic for 2013, giving it changes both outside and inside. Steering and suspension have been recalibrated, the crash structure has been improved and there’s more safety kit, amongst others. More information on the changes can be found in an earlier post, and an exhaustive gallery of pictures here.

Despite its shortcomings, the Civic was among those who led segment sales after post-tsunami inventory levels returned to normal. Through November, the Civic outsold the Toyota Corolla by 18,523 units and the Ford Focus by 61,473 units in the US, says Automotive News.

Honda recently released advertising for the 2013 Civic Si, done in comic book-style – watch the adrenaline-filled animated ad here.