The production process of Volvo’s revolutionary VEA (Volvo Engine Architecture) engine family has commenced in the company’s newly updated engine plant in Skövde, Sweden. Together with the upcoming SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) modular platform, they form a vital part of Volvo’s strategy for technical independence.

VEA’s in-house four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines plus optional driveline electrification (hybrid variants) will replace Volvo’s entire line-up of eight engine architectures. Other than Volvo’s own five-cylinder motor, the rest of its current range uses Ford-based engines (the Yamaha-designed V8 has been discontinued).

Targets for the new, smaller engines are to deliver higher performance than today’s six-cylinder units, while offering lower fuel consumption than the current generation of four-cylinders. Volvo’s revolutionary Flywheel KERS and i-ART systems will play an instrumental role in achieving that goal.

The Volvo S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80 will receive the new engines towards the end of the year, while an all-new XC90 is scheduled to utilise both VEA and SPA technologies in full for its 2014 debut.