It is clear that Volvo wants to make cheaper cars by using economies of scale. And the Swedish carmaker will achieve that goal with its new front-wheel-drive chassis called SPA, which is short for Scalable Platform Architecture. The first vehicle to get the ‘SPA treatment’ will be the next generation XC90, slated to launch in 2014. The new SUV is tipped to be larger than the current model.

SPA is created to carry Volvo’s new engine lineup, which consist of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. The next-gen engine will debut next year in existing models. Inevitably, the current five- and six-cylinder engines will be replaced.

Volvo has a few more things to mull about. One of which is the decision to have the XC60 or S60 go hybrid in 2014, or wait for the SPA-based models before taking the green plunge. They also want to build cars in North America and seeking a possible partnership with Fiat to build cheaper and smaller cars.


In any case, they’ve revealed their plans for the coming years. The C30 could either be redesigned or re-engineered in the next few years, while the C70 redesign is due within the same time frame.

The S60 will get a facelift in 2013 and then get a redesign three or four years after that. The XC60 needs to wait till 2016 to have it redesigned; components will be shared with the new generation S60.

The S80 will be replaced in 2015 and will be built on the SPA. It is highly likely that the new S80 will take styling cues from the Volvo You concept. The XC70 will also experience a ‘changing of the guard’ by 2016 and will be based on the new S80.

The company is still unsure if the Volvo You four-door fastback concept, last seen in 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, will be a reality. Executives of the company said that they don’t want a vehicle to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S Class or the BMW 7 Series.